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If you come to my house or to my she shed and we start talking, there is a high likelihood that somewhere in the midst of our conservation, I will be reminded of a great book that I read. I will stop you mid sentence and say, “Oh! I know the book you should read!” And then I’ll say, “Keep talking… I’ll find the book…” and then I will scour my bookshelves while you are talking and then finally find the book I was thinking of.

I am not sure if this trait is really annoying. I should probably ask my friends! But reading and recommending books is one of my favorite things to do. I just love hearing from a friend after reading a book I have recommended and them saying, “OMG, Cassie! That book was amazing!”

“I know, right? What was your favorite part???”

Now, I have definitely had some duds and have recommended books that didn’t resonate with people, but I do pretty well for the most part.

Now, not all my friends and family are local and can benefit from my book OCD, so I thought I would put together a list of my favorite books from 2018. Yes, I read all these books this year. And yes, these are only my favorites. There are many more that did not make the cut.

You’ll see I predominately read self help. Then, late in the summer, my mind needed a break from all my intense reading, and I picked up romances. I haven’t read romances in over 10 years, and boy, it was refreshing! If I had to pick between watching a rom com or reading one, I would much rather read.

So without further ado, here are my favorites from this year.

Top Self Improvement Books of the Year:

  • Man’s Search for Meaning – Ummm, if you don’t read any books this year, read this one. A psychiatrist details his experience in Nazi concentration camps. If you’re struggling with meaning in life, this could be life changing for you.
  • Mind to Matter – Your thoughts are literally changing your body cell structure. What you think, you become. Monstrously long book, but worth every minute.
  • Tapping for Weight Loss – Tapping, or EFT, has changed my life. You use your body’s meridians (same thing used in acupuncture) to tap through your emotional issues. This book is targeted for those that want to use tapping for weight loss. Highly recommend.
  • Make Trouble – I think the tag line says it all “Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead”
  • Year of Yes – So I may have a girl crush on Shonda Rhimes, writer of Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, etc. Just read this book – her real life account of saying yes to every opportunity that came her way during a given year.
  • Braving the Wilderness – I mean, another fabulous book by Brene Brown – Need I say more?
  • Messages From The Masters – Ever heard of past life regression? Yeah, neither had I. Read this book if you want to blow your mind.
  • Only Love Is Real – Same as above. Same author. Real life story of star crossed lovers. #aintevenjoking
  • Girl, Wash Your Face – Loved this book. Simple, straightforward advice from popular blogger Rachel Hollis.
  • Finding God In The Waves – Lovely book about a Christian who lost his faith and then found it again. Highly recommend for anyone going through or have gone through a faith deconstruction
  • A Course In Weight Loss – Like I tell people all the time, losing weight and becoming more healthy is always awesome, but if you don’t deal with the emotional triggers behind why you gained weight in the first place, you have a high chance of gaining it all back at some point. Fun fact: Book is written by Marianne Williamson, who is contemplating a 2020 run for President of the United States.
  • May Cause Miracles – Oldie but goodie. Gabby Bernstein. This is a great 40 day devotional that will change your life, guaranteed.

Top Romance (rated R + ):

  • Cake: A Love Story – I have never laughed so much during a rom com. Legit tears streaming down my face. First book in the Cake series. Fun fact: This was this author’s first book (previously a wife and SAHM) and she is pumping out a handful of books a year. #respect
  • Fiercely Emma – Third book in the above series. Loved Emma.
  • Kulti – Soccer romance. Sounds funny, eh? Quirky and cute.
  • The Wild Heir – This could totally be a Hallmark Christmas movie. Hot prince, demure princess… you get the picture.
  • From Lukov With Love – Ice skating romance. Super cute.
  • Dear Aaron – Love story that started out as a military pen pal situation.

So Nice, I Read It Twice – Books I have read prior to 2018, but read again this year, as they are faves:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – This blew my mind a few years back. I try to read it once a year to remind myself that how I think and talk to myself determines my life experience.
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert’s take on living a creative life. I mean, do I need to say more?
  • You Are A Badass – This has been making the rounds the last couple years, and for good reason. It’s a great, high vibe read. Also: Jen Sincero is hilarious. Also #2: She is releasing a new book and is visiting Atlanta this month and doing a book signing. Anyone want to go?

Note: These are affiliate links, but mostly cause I rarely use affiliate links and now Amazon is threatening to turn off my account unless someone uses one of my links. These are legit books I have read this year and love love love, and most of my books do come from Amazon, cause I am #lazy and don’t like to go to bookstores. #truth

PLEASE tell me if you read any of these and your thoughts, as well as your faves from this year. You know, so we can nerd out together!

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