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We’ve talked a bit about authenticity this week. Being who you are without being ashamed.

What about outward authenticity?

I have been working on updating my outward look and vibe to reflect how I feel on the inside.

I did the hard work of learning to like myself. Now I am ready to tweak my look to match who I really am. It goes along with one of my intentions for the year: Beauty. Inside and out.

Honestly, I never put a lot of thought into what I wear or how I present myself – and sometimes that was very obvious. 🤪

I am not talking about being vain. I am talking about someone being able to get a vibe about who and what you are about right off the bat.

A few years ago, one of my male co-workers brought his wife into the office. I was blown away by how run down this poor woman was. You could feel the vibe across the room. Then, when introduced to her, it was even more apparent up close. Not just her vibe but how she was dressed, everything. She had the “my life sucks and I just don’t care” vibe. It was apparent in every aspect of her being. This is not to bag on this poor lady, but it woke me up!

  • How do I look?
  • Do I look like I don’t care?
  • Do I look like I am run down?
  • What was the vibe I was giving?

Let’s be real – people WILL get a vibe about you.

Why not try to influence it?

My favorite person for inspiration on this is Gala Darling. She has been cultivating a look and a vibe for years. And she is consistent. And it doesn’t stay stagnant! She switches it up. Mostly, SHE HAS FUN. And she is who she is, whether you resonate with her vibe or not.

I have a totally different vibe than Gala (and so do you!), but seeing anyone being super authentic is always inspirational to me.

I want to follow Gala’s lead!

I want to be myself. I want to have FUN. But mostly, I want my outward self to reflect my inward self.

The vibe & look I am going for these days:

  • Happy
  • Clean
  • Classic
  • Bright
  • Joyful
  • Authentic
  • Quirky

I want someone to be able to get that vibe from me by seeing me across the way and also by speaking with me. I even created a Pinterest board if you wanna see. Warning: it’s BRIGHT. Grab your sunglasses.

I am known for my hot pink lipstick, and I wanted to play off of that.

I am going for classic basics in black and white and grays. Then layer in bright and fun, fully saturated colors.

What do you think? Does it look “Cassie” to you???

What about you? Do you have a look you are going for or have consciously or unconsciously cultivated? What are your thoughts on creating a look or vibe?

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