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So you have created goals. You know what you want over the coming year. You probably wrote them down somewhere.

Now, if you are like me, you won’t look at the again until the end of the year, or you may pop in a few times and review them. At the end of the year, not surprisingly, you probably won’t achieve all your goals. Sometimes this is bad – although sometimes it is not bad. Life happens and I am not about goals that aren’t flexible enough to take your through life’s ebbs and flows.

But if you are interested in keeping a closer eye on your goals this year, I have a few tips for you.

And this is not tips like, “I know everything and you should do it this way.” Hahahahaha, no. These are all things I am trying along with you, and have had good success at in a short amount of time.

Ok, let’s start. I am going to assume you have a handful of goals and know the actions you need to take to achieve your goals.


Put a daily goal task on your to do list. Look at it every single day. Keeping your goals visible will help you to not forget! Simple, but effective.

Bonus: Put your goals into a vision board and look at it every day.


Put milestones on your calendar for the entire year. Yes, the entire year. Mine are about 6 weeks apart and the reminder tells me where I want to be at that point in time in regards to my goals.

Bonus: Now I am alllllll about incentivizing myself. In addition to my milestones, I have put an item I can buy on that milestone date only if I achieve that six week goal. This is something I probably wouldn’t buy myself, a “gift” valued at $100-150.

Some things on my wish list:
– A new watch
– That Clarisonic face exfoliating tool that I just can’t seem to spend the money on
– A Lululemon pullover I have been drooling over
– A hair volumnizing tool that costs $120

Stuff like that.


Now, this is important. Take a look at your budget. No matter how you budget or if you don’t at all. Either is fine. Just figure out a way to know where your money is going.

Now look at your goals.

And look at your finances.

Do they align?

Do the things you spend your money on align with what is important for you this year? If not, you may need to make some tweaks.

I like Starbucks’s flat white, but at $5.12 a pop, it’s not helping me in any of the areas that are important to me this year. Now, “Community” is my word of the year, and if I take a friend out for coffee or have one over, then I am spending my money on something that I enjoy, but also helps me advance in one of my goal areas for the year.

Now, does every single penny have to align??? No, no, of course not. But if you are spending large amounts of money on areas that don’t align with any of your goals, you may need to make some tweaks.

How demoralizing would it be for me to meet my goals for my February 15th milestone, go to buy my Clarisonic face cleaning tool, and realize I don’t have the money in my account. Wah wah, that stinks.

I have created a line item in my budget specifically for my milestone goals. I want to make sure the money is there when I am ready for it! And also! Imagine not meeting my goals but having the money there and not being able to spend it! Ughhhhh. That stinks too. That is motivation for me, fo sho!


Ok you have your goals.

You review your goals regularly.

You have milestones and reminders.

Your budget is aligned.

Lastly, take a look at your calendar. Take stock of where you are spending your time.

Review against your goals.

Do they align? Are you spending time on things that help you advance your goals? Or are you spending a bunch of time on things that don’t matter in the long run.

Yes, do your dishes.

Yes, do your laundry.

But NO NOT be the person that has lofty goals, but watches 4 hours of Netflix every night.

Well, unless you can achieve those goals AND consume 4 hours of Netflix a night. In that case, please share your wisdom with us!!!!

Align your calendars, y’all! Spend time on the things that matter!

If you are in the corporate world, most companies have strategic goals. Every single thing you do in your company should align to the company’s goals. If they don’t, you shouldn’t spend your time on them! YOU SIMPLY DON’T SPEND TIME ON THINGS THAT DON’T ALIGN WITH THE COMPANY’S GOALS.

Easy to understand in the corporate world, but we rarely look at our life that way. But it applies! Don’t spend time on things that don’t matter!

That doesn’t mean that you have to be a machine or a goal eating freak. You can have fun. You don’t have to analyze if you can go to the bathroom aligns with your goals (for the smart a$$es out there).

But what I am saying is that you spend a LOT of time on things that don’t align to your goals but find yourself not having enough time for your goals, then you need to take a closer look and find out where you can tweak things.

Ok, we have gone over 4 steps to help take you to the next level on your goals! These are just ideas that I have that I am implementing in my own life. I wanna hear what you are doing in your life! Whether you do goals or intentions or have things that you are working toward, what has worked for you to keep you on track. Inquiring minds want to know!

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