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Too much self care seems like an oxymoron, right? How is that even possible?

I’ve been thinking a bit about this over the last couple weeks. I had been getting up extra early to make sure that I got my exercise in as well as my morning time. I would get up at 4:50, say my prayers and affirmations and all my other self care tasks, go to my cycling class, then come back and rush to get ready to be at work by 7:30. Phew! That makes me tired even writing it out.

I did this for a few a while, and guys, I’ve been sooooo tired. I would get home and have to take a nap. I would be so done with everything by the time that I got home from work, that I would crash and basically do or get nothing done for the rest of the evening. I wouldn’t hang out with the kids. I couldn’t do my share of household activities. And so on.

Last week I was going into a really busy week for me. I was busy at work. I was busy at home. I was busy getting my next coaching lesson up. I knew that also getting up at 4:50am to get my self care in was going to stress me out. I decided that I need to take my self care down a notch.

I slept in.

I got up and got myself ready for work when I had 30 minutes till I had to leave (as opposed to two hours prior).

I intentionally worked on staying present throughout the day.

I worked on fueling my body throughout the day.

I was easily and gracefully able to get through the week without incident. I didn’t stress. I took each moment as it came, and got everything done in its due time.

So back to the original question: Is there such a thing as too much self care? I would say yes, there is definitely such a thing as too much self care.

Self care is simply to take care of yourself so that you can lead the best possible life.

It’s about prioritizing your health and your happiness.

Tools – like affirmations and meditation and reading books and going to retreats – are all AWESOME.

If, however, you find that your self care routine is preventing you from living your life to the fullest, it may be time to review where you are and what your self care rituals are helping you accomplish.

Signs that could be overextending yourself too much with self care:

  • You get your self care in, but you are falling behind on everyday tasks
  • You get your self care in, but you are exhausted all the time
  • You get your self care in, but you are not engaging with your family and friends and community
  • You are hyper focused on you, and not paying attention to the world around you

There are small things you can do each day to layer in self care, that do not require a lot of overhead.

  • Stay present
  • Drink your water
  • Eat healthy
  • Stay in constant gratitude

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

My goal is to live a meditative life

I strive to not have to take time out of my day to take care of myself. “Trying” to take care of yourself and naturally taking care of yourself without thought are two different things, right? If you are trying, then it implies that you are not doing it naturally. I want self care to be part of my life, not something I have to work in.

I am:

  • Trying to take care of myself
  • Trying to balance a family and work
  • Trying to accomplish my goals

Sounds a lot different than:

  • I consciously take care of myself and my needs every day
  • I take care my family and their needs
  • I continuously work on my goals and my passions

Be careful of your “I ams”.

As you speak, you are.

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