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The Link Between Gratitude & Abundance

If you’ve been in the self help world for any length of time, you will know that gratitude is often touted as the stepping stone into a more content, happy, and peaceful life. It can also lead you into a life of abundance. Do your daily gratitude, they say At least 3...

5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety (Besides Meditation)

When researching about reducing anxiety, the first thing you always hear is “Meditate”. Queue the immediate responses: “But meditating is so hard!” “I can’t clear my mind for two minutes, let alone 20!” Ok, I hear you. This post is for you. I have compiled my best...

Too Much Self Care?

Too much self care seems like an oxymoron, right? How is that even possible? I've been thinking a bit about this over the last couple weeks. I had been getting up extra early to make sure that I got my exercise in as well as my morning time. I would get up at 4:50,...

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