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Every couple months, I mark a day in my week where I count my daily joys. This simple exercise really helps me see all the little things that add up during the day that lends itself to a happy and fulfilling life.

We tend to look forward to the big things: weddings, vacations, weekends, stuff like that… but if we get stuck in the mentality of always looking forward, we don’t notice all the little things that are right in front of us.

Life happens in the little moments, y’all.

If at the end of the day, you can’t think of more than a few little things that made you happy during the day, then maybe it is time to do your own daily joy counter! It’s amazing how many little things that are awesome and wonderful – that we tend to overlook.

So this week, I counted my joys on Monday.

Here is my list:

💕LOVE my TURN studio cycling class 💕Didn’t have to get the kiddos up #presidentsday 💕Got my morning time in – prayer, affirmations, meditation, chapter of my current book 💕Got to work early 💕Smell of coffee 💕Listening to Wayne Dyer on the way into the office 💕hot pink lipstick 💕Got my newsletter out 💕Got my social post out 💕Hot tea … Mmmm 💕Awesome co-workers 💕A friend who killed a job interview 💕Leftovers for lunch 💕Overhearing funny conversations 💕Starbucks in my work building 💕Cancelled meetings 💕New Spotify playlists 💕Completed a bunch of lingering work tasks 💕Texts with frienddddsss 💕Mid day texts with my boo 💕wine 💕hugs from friends 💕not having to cook dinner #leftovers 💕kind words from friends 💕Snuggles 💕Reading time before bed 💕

What are some “little” joys in your day?

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