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In the church community I grew up in, I was taught that God only listens to the prayers of the Godly. So imagine my surprise when I would see “Godless” people getting their prayers answered. Whaaaaa???

Whether this was a Christian that didn’t practice the same way that we did or someone in another religion entirely, other people got prayers answered too! And I’m not talking about generic prayers, I am talking about super specific stuff that you know was of God. You know, super specific synchronicities.

I was so confused! Why did they get their prayers answered when they aren’t following the (supposed) way of the Bible? The answer I always got was that the devil likes to confuse people. Huh????

This sounds ridiculous to me now, but at the time, it was what I was taught – and eventually believed.

A belief is something you simply hear enough times that you start to believe. It doesn’t mean it is true.

In the last few years, I have learned about manifestation, and then all of a sudden things clicked for me.

You attract what you are.

Energy. Magnetism. Prayer.


If you are constantly in prayer or act in a certain way, that is what is manifested in your life.

It explains why “prayers warriors” tend to have more success than your average praying person.

It explains why people of other “Godless” faiths get their prayers answered too.

We could even take it a step further. Your thoughts are your prayers.

You wonder why your prayers aren’t being answered?

There are 1,440 minutes in a day.

Say you spend 10 minutes “praying”… maybe for love and peace and financial abundance.

How many other minutes are in the day? 1,430 minutes.

You spend that 1,430 minutes yelling at your kids, getting mad at your husband for leaving his socks on the floor, worrying about things that you can’t control, and buying stuff you don’t need.

And you are then surprised that you don’t have love and peace and money flowing in like crazy.

Align your day and your thoughts and your attitudes with what you want in your life.

Doesn’t matter if you are a person of faith or not.

Your thoughts … allllllllll day long … add up. You are attracting the sum of your thoughts and prayers and life experiences.

Not just when you are praying.

You want love in your life? Give love and kindness all day long.

You want peace in your life? Work on yourself. Drama is self created. Learn how to check it at the door.

You want financial abundance? Be thankful for what you have, be a good steward of what you have, be generous with the money you have, and expect abundance.

Live a life of prayer.

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